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Art Therapy Groups/Retreats 


Spirituality & 12 Step Recovery Program 

Spirituality is central to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as demonstrated in the 12 steps that members apply while working the program. 

Alcoholics Anonymous as a spiritual recovery movement that views addiction as an illness of the mind, body and spirit, and requires a commitment to abstinence and working of the 12 steps.

According to the AA program, working through the 11 steps will lead you to a spiritual awakening or a new state of consciousness. 

These 3 week art therapy group sessions will be focused on combining spirituality and holistic practices to help mend the mind, body and soul connection. 


Who is this for?

Anybody who is looking to heal their soul and become more self-aware by listening to their intuition and tapping into the imagination. 

Each session will start with a meditation followed by yoga and art therapy.

The goal of the groups/retreats is to decrease and eliminate the need to depend on a substance or a behavior and reconnect with the inner child and spirit. 

 Email to sign up 


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