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Answering A Higher Call

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 Five years ago God blessed me with a vision. He spoke through my dreams, my art and through the pastor I was listening to at that time. He was guiding me down a new path. He has been leading me to find the self and spirit. Along this journey I am discovering his purpose for me. This new path of spirituality, authenticity and creativity has been guiding me on a search for wholeness. A life filled with joy and peace. 

Healing for the Soul was born with my quest to finding inner peace and the need to heal from within. By using all natural remedies as medicine, I help guide the connection of the the mind, body and soul. This connection brings you into a state of peace, leaving you filled with joy and self-love.

Meet Me


Artist. Visionary. Spirtual Teacher. Therapist. 


Welcome into the inner world of Amanda.​

Becoming an art therapist and focusing on natural healing methods, has led me to inner peace and harmony with myself. 

We are each on our own path and the healing journey looks different for every person. 

If you are looking to become more self-aware, heal from trauma, find your passion and feel alive again, you are at the right place.

It is now time for your healing to begin and I can help guide you. 


No matter where you are at this moment, you are exactly where you need to be. 




My Philosophy

"The wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility."

-Denice Frohman

The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.

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